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Why 10 Million Steps?



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Why 10 Million Steps?

17 July 2019

You might be wondering why I call this website “10 million steps”. 10 million is a big number; overwhelming, even. What does it mean?

I first started running when I was overweight, stressed out with my company, and wanted to feel like I had some control over my life. It began with a 1km or 2km run every other day and ballooned into 5km and 10km runs. The distance kept growing.

In the ~5 years since I started running, I covered 11,203 km and ran ultramarathons or completed multiday hikes in Norway, Iceland, Peru, Canada, USA, and more… I’ve been fortunate to meet a huge range of people in doing so, from retired military vets in small American towns, to arctic fishermen, professional runners, to fellow entrepreneurs who run to maintain control in their otherwise hectic lives.

11,203 km is about 15 million steps.

Most importantly, nearly anyone can do it.

…and that is the magic behind 10 million steps. A lot of magical things in life simply require you to commit to a process, stick it out when times are tough, and execute.

It might be 10 million steps to get to a 90km ultramarathon. It might be 100,000 phone calls to make that major sale. Or it might be 10,000 hours to practice an instrument. The point is, committing, sticking, and executing is what you need.

Just. Don’t. Give. Up.

This website is a transparent self-improvement project. I intend to share whatever I learn, and I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

So, what are your 10 million steps?