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27 January 2019

The Customer Data Framework (CDF)

by Wojciech Gryc

One of the first white papers we wrote at Canopy Labs was called the “Customer Data Framework” (CDF). The paper helps businesses build a strategy around their customer data by exploring how such data is collected, used, and whether it informs broader business operations.

The framework has five sequential steps:

It also contains three cross-cutting themes:

You can download a copy of the whitepaper here.

My approach for applying this framework is via interviews with stakeholders – from frontline staff and individual contributors, to leaders within the organization who set the cultural, political, and strategic agendas. Typically this entails 30 to 50 one-on-one interviews, all of which are anonymous and kept confidential; only aggregate findings are communicated back to the organization. Additionally, strategy workshops and brainstorms are run to help set the agenda for the organization’s future.