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24 January 2020

Announcing 'The Climate Sentinel'

by Wojciech Gryc

I’m proud to announce The Climate Sentinel, an AI-powered news resource on climate change and ESG content.

The Climate Sentinel will publish a daily AI-generated briefing of the major climate news around the world. We’ll provide it freely to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

We believe analyzing and aggregating content around major climate events and trends is critical to how leaders respond, and we want to empower this.

Tracking, understanding, and responding to climate change is a massive challenge. We see developments in this space on an hourly basis. There are thousands of news pieces and academic articles on the Australian bushfires. Amazon, Microsoft, and hundreds of smaller companies are announcing climate initiatives. Investors like BlackRock are changing their investment strategies. The World Economic Forum isn’t just seeing climate risk as a major problem, but the major problem across a range of its themes.

Making sense of the information to make good decisions – as investors, as activists, and as socially responsible citizens – can be difficult. We hope The Climate Sentinel will help you with your reading, research, and decision-making.

For those who are active ESG investors or involved in the space, we’re also keen to collaborate and build custom models, tools, or newsletters for you. Please contact us if you’re interested in collaborating.

Postscript: a note on the future of journalism

I also wanted to share a brief note on the future of journalism. As some of you know, I recently incorporated Chimera Information Systems (CIS) to automate news and content workflows. CIS technology is what powers The Climate Sentinel, and we’ve been testing content aggregation, generation, and writing technology in a number of subject areas. We hope to make journalists and analysts more productive as well, in addition to those consuming content. If you’re a content creator, we’d love to chat with you about this.

Image credit: courtesy of Alexandre Godreau.